Brand transformation consultancy for UIPM new discipline

1 July 2022
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1 July 2022 oiko_cina_admin

Brand transformation consultancy for UIPM new discipline

Following the approval of a new discipline during the last Congress, OIKO has been chosen to lead the brand review and to design the new discipline Identity

UIPM – World Pentathlon invited OIKO, as technical consultant, attended the showcase of the Obstacle Discipline, the new 5th discipline that will replace horse riding as of Paris Olympic Games in 2024.
Athletes, coaches, observers, sport managers and consultants got to know the new discipline through a practical explanation from leading experts in the field.

On the basis of data and feedback that came from test day (June 27)  and qualification games (June 28) Oiko was honoured and proud to witness  develop the new visual for the discipline and match it with the existing branding.

OIKO takes part in shaping the future of this fascinating multidisciplinary sport with its ingenious support, as stated by Giancarlo Alfani: “We are glad UIPM honoured us with this invitation. We have been marketing consultants for UIPM since 2016 and in all these years we made a contribution to the improvement and development of Federation brand identity. We will stand by UIPM and we will be ready to support the Federation in this new and crucial step.”

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